Eversense Update June 26, 2020

Watch below to listen to a Zoom virtual meeting with Senseonics Senior Leadership about our current state and our path forward.


We would like to assure you that Senseonics is actively supporting existing patients so they may continue utilizing their Eversense CGM System. 

How are we doing this?

  • Broader insurance coverage for Eversense.  We recently had a number of positive insurance policy decisions, resulting in many more patients with coverage for both the Eversense sensor and the procedures.
  • Eversense Bridge Program extended.  This popular program has been extended beyond the first two (2) sensors, so your eligible patients with commercial insurance (but without established Eversense coverage) can remain on our product. This patient access program will allow your patients to continue on the Eversense System for an affordable cost, as low as $99.00 per sensor. (This program is designed to help patients with burdensome out-of-pocket costs for the Eversense sensor under their insurance coverage.) 

Please note, however, that the Bridge Program does not assist with or cover the costs of sensor insertion and removal procedures. You will need to obtain payment from your patients directly or through their insurance.

  • Procedure tools and resources.  If you are a Certified Eversense provider and have questions regarding specific procedure information (ordering your procedure kits and back-up products, identifying patient information on shipments, preparing for your procedure, remote clinical support, etc.) please contact HCPservices@senseonics.com.

If your office is closed due to COVID-19, please let us know when you will reopen so that we may inform inquiring patients who call our Customer Care team.  Please email HCPservices@senseonics.com.

  • Next sensor order.  We are communicating to our user base to ensure patients know how to order their next sensor via their distributor directly.  We are also working closely with you and your patients to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 to arrange for procedures.
  • Sensor Biocompatibility.  If any of your patients are due for a sensor replacement but would rather wait, they do not need to worry - the sensor is biocompatible and can stay in place beyond the 90-day wear time.  However, please note that your patients will stop receiving readings once their sensor has passed the 90-day wear time period.  

And more …

Additionally, we previously sent you an email to inquire about your interest in assisting additional patients who need to find a Certified Eversense inserter.  If you have not yet replied and would like to be on the list, please email HCPservices@senseonics.com.

Rest assured that we will continue to support you and your patients, especially during these challenging times.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident in continuing to prescribe the only long-term CGM for your existing Eversense patients.  If you have any questions about this update, please reach out to HCPservices@senseonics.com.

If you or your patients have product questions or troubleshooting needs, please call Eversense Customer Care at 844-SENSE4U – we are here to help 24/7!

Thank you,

The Eversense Team


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Why Eversense CGM?


90 days

The FDA-approved long-term CGM that lasts up to 90 days.

The advanced sensor technology and under-the-skin sensor help patients reach unprecedented levels of wear time, leading to improved clinical outcomes.


The only CGM with a powerful


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Up to 90-day sensor life

4 sensor changes per year

Only 4 ‘Day 1' warm-up periods

Sensor placement by HCP

Sensor reads glucose values even without transmitter

Sensor stays put no matter what

No irritation from silicone-based transmitter adhesive1

Traditional CGMs

Short sensor life of 7-14 days

26-52 sensor changes per year

26 - 52 ‘Day 1’ warm-up periods

Need to self-insert the sensor

Transmitter must remain adhered to skin for sensor duration

Percutaneous sensor can be dislodged during normal activities

Acrylate-based adhesives can cause irritation


How we outpace other CGMS

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Become a provider
doctor patient

Become a provider


Register for training


Begin learning


Receive support


Start treating patients

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Freedom, flexibility and empowerment.

Dr. David Ahn, Eversense CGM provider

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Now you can try the Eversense® 90-day CGM System for just $99.*
* For a limited time, patients who meet the Program’s Eligibility Requirements may receive monetary assistance up to a Program maximum towards acquiring the Eversense CGM System (after making an initial $99 payment). The Bridge Program does not apply to sensor placement procedure fees from your healthcare provider, however, and patients must discuss coverage and payment for sensor placement separately with their physician (or other health care provider). Rules and restrictions apply.
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