Important Update: August 10, 2020

Senseonics announces agreement to collaborate with Ascensia Diabetes Care

Today we announced the formation of a collaboration and commercialization agreement concurrent with a financing agreement between Senseonics, Incorporated, maker of the Eversense® brand of continuous glucose monitoring systems, and Ascensia Diabetes Care (“Ascensia”), maker of the CONTOUR® portfolio of blood glucose monitoring devices. This collaboration will help more people living with diabetes gain access to the Eversense CGM technology, with Ascensia taking responsibility for sales, marketing, and distribution of Eversense products in the US effective in 2021. In advance of this date, Ascensia will begin to work alongside us on initial sales and marketing activities in 2020.

We are excited to be partnering with Ascensia, a global diabetes technology company that is a leader in the blood glucose monitoring market. Ascensia has a legacy of almost 80 years in diabetes care and shares the same passion and commitment to delivering highly accurate and state-of-the-art products for people with diabetes. Senseonics will continue to manufacture our technology and to innovate a series of product advancements. These advancements include bringing forth new Eversense products with extended-life sensors, interoperability, iCGM indication, and scanning ability without the transmitter, subject to FDA approval.

Together, we are working to plan and execute a smooth transition to ensure minimal disruption to you and your patients, including for sensor replacements for the remainder of this year. Our teams will be starting to collaborate over the coming weeks and will begin to introduce Eversense to new patients and providers later this year, considering we now have insurance coverage for Eversense for over 200 million people, including under the Medicare program. More information will be forthcoming from both Senseonics and Ascensia, including through our respective websites as well as through direct communications to you, our valued health care providers. To read the press release, go to

We are also committed to communicating openly with your patients, who received a similar email today. They can contact us at, or visit our website for Senseonics and Eversense updates. As always, our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to assist you and your patients (844-SENSE4U (736-7348), and to report any issues. And at the present time, the contacts you are now using will be available to help meet your needs.

We look forward to a bright future under this Ascensia collaboration, and to continuing to help your patients along their journey with diabetes. We thank you for your support of Eversense during this time of the global pandemic.


Francine Kaufman, MD and the Senseonics Leadership Team

To read the press release, click here.

To learn more about Ascensia Diabetes Care, click here.

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The FDA-approved long-term CGM that lasts up to 90 days.

The advanced sensor technology and under-the-skin sensor help patients reach unprecedented levels of wear time, leading to improved clinical outcomes.


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Up to 90-day sensor life

4 sensor changes per year

Only 4 ‘Day 1' warm-up periods

Sensor placement by HCP

Sensor reads glucose values even without transmitter

Sensor stays put no matter what

No irritation from silicone-based transmitter adhesive1

Traditional CGMs

Short sensor life of 7-14 days

26-52 sensor changes per year

26 - 52 ‘Day 1’ warm-up periods

Need to self-insert the sensor

Transmitter must remain adhered to skin for sensor duration

Percutaneous sensor can be dislodged during normal activities

Acrylate-based adhesives can cause irritation


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