What is the process for getting my practice trained on Eversense?

1. Register for our brief online training.

2. Arrange for in-office training and certification to perform the sensor insertion procedure, which is straightforward. One of our authorized trainers will contact you to set up an appointment.

How do I order the Eversense CGM for my patients?

You can place an order request through our Healthcare Provider Portal. For step-by-step instructions on ordering, download the Physician Portal Quick Reference guide. Or, contact Customer Care at 844-736-7348 if you need help with ordering. We can arrange to ship the Eversense CGM system directly to your office. While self-pay patients will be able to start using the Eversense system right away, you may wish to seek reimbursement for those whose policies may cover it. Information and instructions can be found in the Reimbursement section of this website.

How can I help get Eversense covered for my patients?

Make sure the patient meets the coverage criteria outlined in the insurer’s CGM medical policy and that it is documented in the patient’s record. In the absence of coverage for Eversense, the best option is to submit for authorization and appeal any denials. Historical experience tells us that when HCPs request coverage for reasonable and necessary medical devices, it draws payers’ attention to the needs of their physician network and patients. We encourage you to submit appropriate requests for coverage of Eversense if you believe it is medically necessary and reasonable for that patient’s care. We have created a Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide to help address coding and billing questions and provide step-by-step instructions on how to correctly fill out a claims form for Eversense. This is available by calling 844-736-7348 or by contacting your local sales representative.

Do I need to be trained/certified to perform an Eversense insertion?

Yes. Only health care providers who have successfully completed the Eversense CGM Insertion and Removal Training Program may perform the insertion and removal procedure on patients.

Who performs the Sensor insertion and how is it done?

The Eversense Sensor is designed to be inserted and removed by a health care provider in a streamlined, in-office procedure. After the patient and provider decide on a comfortable insertion site in the upper arm, the area is prepped and anesthetized using lidocaine. A small, 5 mm incision is made to create a pocket in the subcutaneous space. A sensor is then inserted into the pocket and the incision is closed using Steri-Strips™. After 3 months, the patient returns to have the sensor removed and a new sensor inserted.